Welcome to the I2File.net filing system.

This site provides an electronic path for filing new cases and/or additional documents to an existing case, within any participating court jurisdiction in Illinois, without traveling to the jurisdiction. This site may be used by the following User Types.



- Defined as individuals that are NOT licensed attorneys that wish to represent themselves in court. Pro Se Filers will see additional information to assist with filing during the registration process. To register as a Pro Se filer you must click the Agree To box before attempting to register on the left hand side of this page.



- All licensed attorneys in the State of Illinois may have access to this site. If you are a licensed attorney you MUST file as an Attorney.



- Reviewers are Court personnel that monitor the site for new filings, review the filing documents for accuracy and completeness and either accept or reject the documents.


This site is provided as a convenience and courtesy to all attorneys and Pro Se filers in Illinois at no charge to the user. The cost of this site's operation is borne by subscribing circuit clerks. However the filer is obligated to pay the usual statutory fees for filing a case.


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